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==The basic truths of the paranormal. ==

Psionic, psychic and magickal skills are not powers nor satanic and evil. In fact, they are about as evil as painting or martial arts. Example

In painting you could make beautiful works of art dedicated to the beauty of nature and all that is positive in the world….OR you could paint swastikas on the pope while he is guzzling down kittens down his throat and speaking in tongues. In martial arts you can train and dedicate yourself to be healthy and capable of defending yourself. In Psionics, ESP abilities and magick, you can do great things like send out healings to a sick or hurt relative that is across the world from you, study nature and all things around you without any physical senses and discover yourself and your world for free, or train your mind, because it is a muscle just as much as your arms.

OR you could strike down your enemies and dedicate yourself to malice and extreme negativity by causing extreme harm to all in your way to reach some selfish goals. Basically, you can do as much bad as good as you want in these skills, it all depends on YOU. On this site we will dedicate ourselves to advancing in our learning of defense, research and developments on these arts to give our next generation a much strong base than what our great predecessors (Psipog ADD TO THIS FROM SHIFTED PERSPECTIVES) left for us to grow and learn from.

Here is the most basic fact that has yet to be proven otherwise, that many advanced folks agree on.

  • EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING is capable of learning all of these skills regardless of sex, race, or physical disabilities.

Magick, Psionics and psychic skills are something all humans are capable of unless they have some severe disability in their minds or energetical bodies, and even then there are lots of other theories that might suggest more needs to be incapacitated to be able to fully prohibit magick, Psionics and ESP. Something such as that would be seen clear as day physically.

NO races or physical attributes make you superior or inferior to anyone.

Random people are sometimes more potent or less potent than many others, but it is absolutely random and not connected to physical features or disabilities.

In fact they can be enhanced like in the physical world things much like when a person goes blinds the persons remaining senses get strengthened when one or more are gone.

Like if physically you became crippled you would learn all of these things faster than the average person, because when something is missing/not functioning another thing is increased.

Imagine the human body like a huge and complex system of pipelines, the pipes lead to and power physical and nonphysical processes that make up your day to day life and overall existence/awareness.

Examples of processes are… Physical process = Legs, heart, brain, muscles, nerves, organs, etc…

Non-Physical processes = Energy Body, Chakras (thousands all over the body but 7 main ones), energetical systems, energy appendages, etc…

When one process is cut off then the body distributes all the potential, focus and energy to all others as to not build up unhealthy pressure. Example: A physical example is when a person loses their ability to walk, and their upper body’s muscles become much stronger than the average human to balance out the disability.

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